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Frequently Asked Questions

For Buyers

This means Walk in Walk out when you are purchasing a business that may have stock and the sellers have not ask for a stock take to evaluate the stock price. It is all inclusive

This is where the Accountant for the purchaser evaluates the financials of the business being purchased to ensure the figures provided are true and correct as stated.  

As brokers we will always try to get a contract of sale done once the offer has been accepted by the seller.  This will be drawn up by our Solicitor and then signed by both seller & buyer. This secures the business with conditions like -Subject to Finance – Subject to a Du Diligence,  This gives the buyer time to evaluate the business to make sure they are happy with the purchase as well as your Accountant & Lenders are happy for you to go ahead.

For Sellers

With decades of experience in all areas of business we can offer 1st hand knowledge and understanding from all angles.  Having owned many business over the years gives 1st hand knowledge of Buying, Selling, & Operating a business for our selves.  So we understand what it means to be on all sides of the fence when working with business Owners.   We also offer personal service and local knowledge across the region, giving you peace of mind when you call that we will answer and be there when needed.

This is a legal form we get all enquirers to sign who want further information on the business on offer.  It states they will not disclose any personal information to any one but their Accountant, Solicitor or Financial Institutions. 

With an Exclusive Listing it allows the Broker control of the listing as well as protecting the sellers information.  Having an Exclusive listing ensures your personal information is only given out to those who have signed a Confidentiality Agreement, and you deal with 1 Agency and they are responsible at all times for your listing.  

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